Parquet Wood Flooring

Parquet hardwood flooring is a luxurious and timeless flooring option, featuring intricate geometric patterns crafted from individual wood pieces. With origins dating back to 16th-century France, today, parquet flooring in Ireland has evolved into a sought-after flooring choice for discerning homeowners. Available in a wide range of designs, engineered parquet flooring comes in various finishes and wood types to suit all interior décor preferences.

Key features of parquet hardwood flooring include its stunning geometric arrangement. This is what gives engineered parquet flooring its visual interest.

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Advantages of Parquet Wood Flooring

Parquet wood flooring offers several benefits, including its appeal which has gone on for centuries. The engineered parquet flooring in Ireland can be fitted with underfloor heating systems. Thanks to its ability to create a sense of roominess, engineered parquet flooring can raise the prices of properties where it’s been fitted. Even better, the parquet hardwood flooring offers great value for money because it affords excellent insulation and acoustics in the home. The intricate design of any engineered parquet flooring for sale today will lend themselves to traditional styles and more contemporary homes, alike. The hard-wearing construction of engineered parquet flooring also ensures longevity. Moreover, parquet flooring in Ireland is an ecologically sound choice for all sorts of interior decoration styles.

How to Choose the Right Parquet Hardwood Flooring in Ireland?

When selecting parquet hardwood flooring in Ireland, consider which wood species you will prefer. There are also a number of different finishes and plank sizes to weigh up. Seek professional guidance about which installation method will be best and always consider parquet flooring prices with the installation costs included. Reputable suppliers should also offer some form of warranty or guarantee.

FAQs About Parquet Hardwood Flooring

Our parquet flooring prices are very competitive. If you’re looking for parquet flooring in Ireland that won’t break the bank but that’s supplied from a highly reputable and experienced firm, then Munster Hardwood Flooring is a good choice. With a reputable presence in Ireland and approaching two decades in engineered parquet flooring, you can’t do better elsewhere. 

Parquet flooring is a luxurious flooring option featuring intricate geometric patterns crafted from individual wood pieces.

Fitting parquet flooring is a good decision thanks to its numerous advantages and its compatibility with various interior styles. That’s why it is a popular choice among homeowners nowadays.

With proper care and maintenance, parquet wood flooring can last for decades. Some examples of parquet flooring installations in Irelands are even older, however, so there isn’t any set limitation on longevity.