Herringbone Wood Flooring

Herringbone hardwood flooring affords a classic parquet pattern and is known for its distinctive zigzag arrangement. Consisting of rectangular wood planks laid at 90-degree angles, this elegant design adds visual interest to any space. Herringbone engineered wood flooring comes in various species, colours and finishes to suit diverse interior styles. Key features of herringbone flooring include its eye-catching pattern because this is what creates visual depth and interest. Herringbone flooring in Ireland is also popular because it is highly customisable.

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Advantages of Engineered Herringbone Flooring​

Engineered Herringbone flooring offers numerous advantages. Firstly, herringbone hardwood flooring may cost less than you think. It also has timeless appeal, something that can increase property value if you choose to fit herringbone flooring today. This is partly down to the ability of a herringbone hardwood floor to create a sense of space. The unique parquet pattern of herringbone flooring in kitchens, for instance, will provide visual interest. Similarly, the durable construction of herringbone hardwood flooring ensures longevity. Additionally, herringbone engineered flooring is an eco-friendly choice. 

A herringbone hardwood floor would also be compatible with underfloor heating systems. Furthermore, it offers excellent insulation and acoustics for a comfortable living environment which is one reason why engineered herringbone flooring in kitchens is often so sought-after. The intricate design lends itself to both traditional and contemporary interiors, making it a versatile choice for homeowners in Ireland.

How to Choose the Right Herringbone Hardwood Flooring in Ireland?

When selecting herringbone flooring in Ireland, consider factors like plank size, finish and the installation method. Only buy from reputable suppliers, like Munster Hardwood Flooring, because this way you’ll only be offered high-quality engineered herringbone flooring products that come with an appropriate warranty.

FAQs About Herringbone Wood Flooring

Munster Hardwood Flooring are the ideal choice for engineered herringbone flooring in Cork, Ireland. We supply top-quality herringbone flooring for all settings. We’re the experts in engineered herringbone flooring in Ireland, so call us today! 

Herringbone hardwood floors are worth the investment due to their classic appeal, their durability and because engineered herringbone flooring in Ireland tends to push up property values. Indeed, herringbone hardwood flooring costs are not that high compared to other options you may consider.

Herringbone hardwood flooring that’s been engineered can make a room appear larger by creating a sense of movement and elongating the visual lines, enhancing the feeling of spaciousness in a space.

A herringbone engineered flooring installation can be more complex than other patterns due to its intricate design. However, the engineered profiles of a herringbone wood floor snap together with ease so skilled professionals should be able to ensure a successful and efficient installation process. 

Herringbone flooring has rectangular planks in a zigzag arrangement, while chevron has angled-cut planks forming a V-shape.

Engineered herringbone flooring in Ireland can be laid in any direction, depending on personal preference and desired aesthetic.