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Munster Hardwood

Munster Hardwood Flooring is a High Quality Wood Flooring Business, based in Little Island, City Cork, and produces Premium Bespoke Wood Flooring Products in Planks, Herringbone and Chevron styles as well as a range of parquet panels.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Flooring is a hardwood floor in every sense and is as durable and beautiful as Solid Wood. The only difference is how the floor is produced. While a Solid Floor is produced totally from Solid Wood , an engineered floor has a base layer and top layer . The base layer can be produced in many different materials and in some cases budget dictates what product is used. At Munster Hardwood Flooring we insist in using top quality plywood , ethically produced, in all of our floors. Our top layers are all European Oak , again ethically sourced. Cheaper products can be produced using softwood or Hdf as the core and using top layers of Oak that is unethically sourced as well as using cheaper labour sources to produce. Normally these options look well at the start of the floors life but as time goes on you see the results of using cheaper raw material to produce cheap floors. Our Engineered flooring is extremely stable and therefore well suited to the changeable Irish Climate, suitable for Underfloor Heating and suitable for use in Kitchens, Sunrooms Etc. 


Plank Flooring

Plank Flooring has been used in homes , castles and anywhere beautiful flooring has been found for centuries. It is and probably always will be, the most popular type of Wooden Flooring for both homes and businesses. Our plank flooring is produced in many widths , lengths and thickness and at MHF you can also choose your preffered grading, from a Rustic Grade with all the knots and character to a Prime grade , calm and quiet. You choose, we produce. All of our plank floors can be finished in any of our available colours allowing you to design your bespoke plank floor personally



A wooden floor with a herringbone pattern is very popular these days. Called after the design of the fishbone, wooden floors in herringbone pattern are really beautiful to look at. Not just because of the chic look of the pattern, but also because of the many finishing options that are available for wood flooring. A herringbone floor is available in various types of wood and wood grades that show more or less knots. Herringbone floors can be planed, where a small piece of wood is cut off, so that the grain structure on the surface of the wood is clearly visible. You can then oil or varnish the herringbone floorboards in many colours and finish the floor with a border around it or saw the floorboards tightly against the wall. By varying plank widths, you can give herringbone floors a calmer look with large floorboards or a more lively look with small floorboards. All these possibilities mean that you can tailor a wooden herringbone floor to all your needs, so the end product meets all your expectations. All of our Herringbone Floors can be finished in any of our available colours allowing you to design your bespoke herringbone floor personally



A chevron pattern floor can be used in various types of homes or commercial premises. Chevron pattern parquet flooring is applicable to underfloor heating and possibly floor cooling. Uipkes Wood Flooring has years of experience in supplying and installing chevron floors. It's available in many dozens of handmade colors. The durable floors are manufactured in The Netherlands for our clients and can be supplied in every personal desired length and width. We provide all floors with 5 years warranty within The Netherlands. The big difference between chevron and herringbone patterns is that with a herringbone floor, the left and right parts are placed at an angle of 90 degrees, and the top side is at right angles to the long side of the floorboard next to it. All of our chevron floors can be finished in any of our available colours , allowing you to design your bespoke chevron floor personally .



Versailles flooring is a wood floor that is installed with an intricate pattern first seen in the French Palace of Versailles, built in the 17th century. Cut into squares, rectangles and triangles, the floorboards in a Versailles pattern are fit together like a puzzle to form a large square of flooring with diagonal floorboards that appear to be interwoven. The squares are replicated throughout the room to form a complete floor.A Versailles pattern wood floor is a stunning design element that adds a feeling of luxury and elegance to a room. It’s a very strong visual statement that increases the sophistication and stylishness of an interior design. All of our panel flooring can be finished in any of our available colours , allowing you to design your bespoke panel floor personally.

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